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Included in the metal sector; We are a trading company engaged in the production, processing and sale of products made of different metals such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum. Used for industrial and commercial purposes and produced in various forms: hot rolled sheet, plates, profiles, sheet bars, etc. We export, import and internal trade of products.

The products we specialize in in the metal sector are an important resource for various industrial sectors. For example, iron and steel are used as building elements in the construction industry, while copper and aluminum are used in the electronics and electricity industries.

The metal sector is an important export sector for our country. Steel products, in particular, are exported worldwide and steel production is considered a measure of countries’ economic strength.

The metal sector is an important resource for various industrial sectors and is an important indicator of the economic strength of countries.


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Signature Groupe generates a significant amount of resources for the metal sector and various industrial sectors. It works to play an important role in this sector, which is an important indicator of the economic power of countries.

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If you want to connect with Signature Groupe in the chemical, metal, textile, agriculture and food sectors, we can work together. You can reach us by contacting us using the method you want on our contact page.