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As Signature Groupe, we are experts in the chemical industry. We import, export and domestic trade products such as basic chemicals, special chemicals, polymers.

We provide services for industrial sectors such as plastic, paint and coating, food, textile. We provide efficiency to organizations and brands by using new technologies and methods.

  • Export and import of chemical products: It is one of the main fields of activity of our company, and we purchase these products from abroad and deliver them to our country, and to many countries abroad that are produced in our country.

  • Sales of products: After purchasing chemical products from countries, we deliver them to customers in demanding countries. Our customers are industrial companies, manufacturers or distributors who often use chemical products.

  • Market research: For the trade of chemical products, we conduct market research to determine which products are in demand and procure these products. We research the selling prices of chemical products, the market share and the behavior of their competitors.

  • Logistics: We are a company specializing in logistics, such as the transport, storage and distribution of chemical products. By managing these issues well, we ensure that the products are delivered on time and correctly.

  • Customer relations: We ensure customer satisfaction by providing a good service to our customers in chemical products.


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Signature Groupe specializes in the chemical, metal, textile, agriculture and food industries. Product quality, customer satisfaction in exporting, importing and domestic trade of chemical products are important indicators of our company’s success.

We can work together

If you want to connect with Signature Groupe in the chemical, metal, textile, agriculture and food sectors, we can work together. You can reach us by contacting us using the method you want on our contact page.