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In the agricultural sector, which is one of our main fields of activity, we export, import and trade for the food production and transportation of the establishments to the customers.

Within the industry, we manage operations from the cultivation, processing and distribution of plants and animals produced on the land.

The agricultural sector is important to meet the basic food needs of people and also provides raw materials for various industrial sectors.

Our activities in the agricultural sector include:

  • Plant cultivation: To enable plants to be grown on the ground so that plants can be consumed as food or used as raw materials for industrial sectors. We export, import and trade.

  • Livestock: Contributes to the raising of farm animals (such as cows, sheep, goats and rabbits). We export, import and internally trade food products such as milk, meat and eggs of these animals.

  • Agricultural production: We support the collection, processing and distribution of plants produced on the soil. We export, import and internal trade of manufactured products.

We procure various pesticides, fertilizers and machinery for the agricultural sector to ensure that producer activities are carried out more efficiently and effectively.


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Signature Groupe works to ensure general well-being by providing good service to customers who produce and purchase products in the agricultural sector. The satisfaction of the parties is an important indicator of the success of our company.

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If you want to connect with Signature Groupe in the chemical, metal, textile, agriculture and food sectors, we can work together. You can reach us by contacting us using the method you want on our contact page.