Our Goals

As an early pioneer of online education, The Estudiar University has long been at the forefront of remote learning for creative professionals.


Our goals are to be at the top

We aim to reach and maintain the volume in the top ranks in the chemistry, metal, textile, agriculture and food sectors and alta fields. We want to constantly get positive results by mobilizing all the parties we work with in our sectors around this target.

In 2023, we will work to force the world economy to improve its possibilities and to develop trust, stability, quality and technological infrastructure.

Main Sectors

Undergraduate Classes

Signature Groupe

Carrying the philosophy of respect for the environment and people to the top positions in our sectors, and taking our products to the international arena by gaining strength from our experience and human resources.

To make use of Turkey’s production resources in a useful and correct way, to contribute to production and therefore to the country’s economy, to make sustainable mining with a focus on the environment and people.

Honesty, Transparency, Sustainability – Stability,   Efficiency, Inclusivity, Cooperation, Initiative, Unity, Being Family, Responsibility, Innovation, Agility

Signature Groupe

Kurucuları 15 yıldır kimya, metal, tekstil, tarım ve gıda sektörlerinde başarılara imza atmış insanlardır.

Şirket Kurucusu
CEO Kurucu Ortak